BryThais Siamese

Here's some of our cats and our latest litter of kittens. I'll 'load' the rest of the family soon.

Patch Puss, with her Kitten Purrdy, Anna and Mother Mew.

Patch's little Purrdy kitten at 4.5 weeks born 22.05, with three mothers!

They love to play with Purrdy, which is great as the poor kitten doesn't have any brothers and sisters.


Purrdy lying on Anna, Patch in the middle and Grandma Mew on the left.


A very sleepy Purdy kitten, resting on Mum.



Squashed but happy - Mum and Grandma think Purrdy's a cushion!

Lilyput with her first litter, born 23rd. June 2005. Lilyput is two years old.

Lilyput with her six newborns.

She's in a dog basket on my bed.

However, that didn't last very long, just 7 days, as the kittens started to climb out of the basket ........

so, on to Plan B!

And Plan B is, or rather was - the Moses basket with much higher sides.

Well, that lasted about 3 days - then the little monsters climbed the sides and fell out.

Time for Plan C.



Well, here's Plan C.


Not what I really like to do, as I don't cage kittens unless they are being visited by people, but they are so active there wasn't really an option.


I keep the big top flap open at all times, and close the front door only when Lilyput comes out for a walk - to stop the kittens from falling off my bed!


All pictures taken at 17 days old.


Any marks on the heads are caused by little claws - they all try to knock eachother off the nipples.


Poor Lilyput - she really does have her paws full with this mob.


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